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The Cloudron CLI tool

The Cloudron CLI tool allows you to install, configure and test apps on your Cloudron. It is also used to submit your app to the Cloudron Store. The machine subcommand can be used for various maintenance tasks on a selfhosted Cloudron.

Read the documentation for in-depth information.


Installing the CLI tool requires node.js and npm. The CLI tool can be installed using the following command:

npm install -g cloudron

Depending on your setup, you may need to run this as root.

You should now be able to run the cloudron help command in a shell.


completion                            Shows completion for you shell
backup create [options]               Create app backup
backup list [options]                 List app backups
build [options]                       Build an app
clone [options]                       Clone an existing app to a new location
createOAuthAppCredentials [options]   Create oauth app credentials for local development
exec [options] [cmd...]               Exec a command in application
inspect [options]                     Inspect a Cloudron returning raw JSON
init                                  Creates a new CloudronManifest.json and Dockerfile
install [options]                     Install or update app into cloudron
list                                  List installed applications
login [options] [cloudron]            Login to cloudron
logout                                Logout off cloudron
logs [options]                        Application logs
machine                               Cloudron instance tooling
open                                  Open the app in the Browser
published [options]                   List published apps
pull [options] <remote> <local>       pull remote file/dir. Use trailing slash to indicate remote directory.
push [options] <local> <remote>       push local file
restore [options]                     Restore app from last known backup
restart [options]                     Restart the installed application
status [options]                      Application info
submit                                Submit app to the store for review
upload [options]                      Upload app to the store for testing
versions [options]                    List published versions
uninstall [options]                   Uninstall app from cloudron
unpublish [options]                   Unpublish app or app version from the store

Tab completion

To add tab completion to your shell, the cloudron tool can generate it on the fly for the shell you are using. Currently tested on bash and zsh.

Just run the following in your shell

. <(cloudron completion)

This command loads the completions into your current shell. Adding it to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc will make the completions available everywhere.


The tests can run against a Cloudron as follows:

CLOUDRON=<domain> USERNAME=<username> PASSWORD=<password> mocha tests/